Two women in wheelchairs playing giant connect 4. They are smiling and chatting with each other. The women on the left has long dark brown hair with the right side shaven and is wearing a grey vest. She also is holding a pint of beer in her right hand. The women on the right has dark brown hair with some blonde highlights. She is wearing a leopard print vest and holding a red game piece in her right hand.

About We Belong

Disability Rights UK launched a new campaign in 2020 – We Belong.

It is a call to society to recognise us as equal to non-disabled people. Not pity cases. Not people who can be ignored. Not an inconvenience.

Disabled people make up a fifth of the population of the UK. We are not invisible. And yet we are still the largest minority which faces discrimination in this country.

A woman with long blue and pink hair, holding flowers above her head with her left hand. She has a carbon fibre prosthetic left arm from the elbow to the hand. The flowers are pointing down, so it covers her forehead and left eye. The woman has her visible eye closed and has a neutral expression on her face. The flowers have white petals with pink stigmas in the middle.
A man enjoys a cupcake and tea in his kitchen at home. He is sitting down at a wooden table, looking to his right whilst smiling. He has a hearing aid in his ear and straight brown hair. He is wearing a white and blue Breton stripe t-shirt.
We-Belong Logo in yellow and teal.

We Belong
To society.
To the workforce.

We Belong
In our neighbourhoods.
In our towns, villages and cities.
In our schools, colleges and universities.

We Belong
On public tranport.
In our shops. In our cinemas.

We Belong
In our parks and leisure facilities
In our woods, in our fields and on our beaches.

We Belong
To learn, qualify and excel.
To share our skills, our experiences and our expertise.
To share our wisdom, intelligence and worth.

We Belong to a country which deserves to have the richness of its diversity reflected back at it through our belonging in all of these places.

Join us in our campaign

As we mark the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act, we are weighing up the progress we have made to date as a society to ensure that disabled people belong. We are identifying what still needs to change.

And we are looking ahead and planning a future which is inclusive, for all of us.